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Hello everypony! So you may of seen the newest patch design that i have posted for the changelings. If not here it is.… Anyway, the NLR V.2 patches will on sale very soon. They have some slight differences with lettering just slightly moved around but as soon as i have a better camera which should be around tomorrow i will be taking pictures and they will be going on sale soon after that. They will both be by themselves and with the solar empire patch, 7.50/15.00 respectively. Im also looking into getting the changeling patches now but they wont be available for a while at least. Also, slight change of topic. Ive been DMing a RP game for a while for the Equestria Softworks group for a few months and ive decided with my friend hamish's help along with the permission from the RP'ers to post a "Fanfic" version of the RP. However it is still the same RP that has happened. Just the spelling mistakes have been removed and it was put into a more readable format. I will be posting chapter 1 in the next few days. Enjoy!
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Submitted on
July 13, 2012