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Hey Everypony!
In conjunction with my current postings about what you would like to see I am making this post if you don't particularly feel comfortable with commenting on reddit.

I am looking for feedback for things you would like to see, Various factions. Other types of brony merchandise (Pins, Stickers, Etc), anything you can think of!

Here's the DA link for anyone who would like to comment there instead.…

And just remember, your voice does matter! The comments on these sorts of posts are highly valuable to understand what the broader community is looking for!

It... Was... Amazing.…

Let me know what you all think and I will try to update and fix up the shop over the next few weeks to be more presentable. Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback i've gotten so far!
I think it's time to upload some new things, Sorry i've been quiet lately. Working on about 4 separate projects plus leveling in wow. I'm hoping to be a bit more regular with new things now that the new season is upon us.
It's finally done! the holster is now up on my page you can take a look at it there, sorry for the poor quality picture =/
So, The patches are out. Yay. Also, there's a secret project which should be up today at some point.

Also, I've decided to mess around with the mtg set again, nothing super serious just for fun.
Brony patch will soon be for sale in slightly less than two weeks (It's a new design, sort of. It's a surprise!) . Also, if anyone is interested to host a small section of their table at any con I would be happy to give you some of the profits of any sales. Currently i can send some of all patches if you don't mind the damaged NLR one's but i will have new NLR one's soon as well. So... Give me a ping if your interested. Also, on a smaller note. If anyone is interested in cosplaying shining armor or a royal guard at bronycon i will donate the shining armor shotgun/rifle in exchange for photo's of the cosplay at the con. Thanks again everyone!
Hello Everypony(one)! So, we will soon have a new set of NLR patches ready to go. So, if anyone has any suggestions or comments please let us know promptly as there won't be a new set until this one is gone at least of the NLR.

Updates being made:

After everyone's comment's the NLR patches will now feature velcro backings. You should also be able to sow them on as normal in addition to adding them to velcro patches such as those on vests or plate carriers.

Secondary update:
The brony patches have been recolored and we are looking at a duel design, one design features a charcoal and silver base and the other features a white and gold base. As normal if you have any thought's feel free to post here or contact me directly. As for the time on them coming out we are looking at right around a month and a half or so.

Secondary, Secondary update:
There's a super secret project in the works, but it does involve nerf and pony gear. Expect to begin seeing design pictures in several weeks.

That's all everypony(one)!

So, we are still working on the brony patch, it's been several months but we should have it completely refined and ready to go in a couple of weeks. In addition, the NLR, SE, And Changeling patches are currently up for sale on ebay under the regular username "Shirlendra". We have also been looking at playmats for cards or what else have you, We are doing a super limited run. No more than 15-20 of one design. So sort of a poll time, what sort of mat would you like to see at a very reasonable price in the near future. Last thing, would anyone be interested in seeing any other patches? Twilight something, crystal empire, etc. Please, leave the comments below or send me a mail. Thanks again everypony.

I have some damaged NLR patches that i am selling on super sale. Here is the listing,… . Also i have some Damaged Solar Empire patches if anyone is interested but they arent up.
Hats: Recently i have been trying to find this baseball cap, It's from Winners in Canada its the purple and pink (Two versions) baseball cap with a white Celestia and says my little pony on it. If anyone knows where i can find/buy this hat please let me know, Thanks!

Patches: There were issues with the new set of patches, consequently it's going to be a bit longer until they are available.

SALE: I will be putting up a listing for damaged NLR patches tomorrow, they will be reduced in price from 7.50per 1 to 10.00 for two(5.00$ reduction), they are great for things were the lettering isn't as important. Such as sports or if you don't need them to look perfect, please note the outsides of the patches along with the star and moon design are the same as the higher quality ones but the lettering is anywhere from poor to severely poor (Missing parts of letters or some letters all together). If you would like to buy a bulk amount you may contact me here (5+).

Lastly, Thanks again to all the bronies and people out there for the views and I bid you all a good night.
All current patch links will be posted HERE


Solar Empire:…

New Lunar Republic:…

Triple's are now available here:…
Hello once again everypony, I am writing from my dorm at the college that i now attend. I am majoring in Hospitality, Special events and i will be taking courses in management. Also during this month the third patch installment will be for sale, Incase you missed said installment it is going to be for the changelings titled "Metamorphia" Since there wasn't really a canon/fanon name for where the changelings came from we thought that might be fitting. Also on the 20th it is my birthday, *yay* so ill probably be doing something special for everyone here. Ah, yes last little bit of news. My computer has bricked itself and its not up and running yet so i am stuck on this mini until it can be fixed. Thanks again everypony.

Sparkle's magic bonus activator: Totally forgot. Those holsters i had posted a while back are now actually once again in production. I had some issues over the summer but hopefully i will be able to put out around 5 a week or so to start out. I will be providing a Ebay link here somewhere.
So the Metamorphia patch seems to be very popular and i am actually beginning production on them now they should be ready in under a month but i have been thinking about making a patch for discord. So the poll is this, If you would like to see a physical discord patch made please say something to that effect. I or Aye, anything like that. If not neigh or no or whatever you like really. In other news i will most likely be posting the first chapter of the RP sometime after i wake up in 8-10 hours.

Everypony have a great day!
Hello everypony! So you may of seen the newest patch design that i have posted for the changelings. If not here it is.… Anyway, the NLR V.2 patches will on sale very soon. They have some slight differences with lettering just slightly moved around but as soon as i have a better camera which should be around tomorrow i will be taking pictures and they will be going on sale soon after that. They will both be by themselves and with the solar empire patch, 7.50/15.00 respectively. Im also looking into getting the changeling patches now but they wont be available for a while at least. Also, slight change of topic. Ive been DMing a RP game for a while for the Equestria Softworks group for a few months and ive decided with my friend hamish's help along with the permission from the RP'ers to post a "Fanfic" version of the RP. However it is still the same RP that has happened. Just the spelling mistakes have been removed and it was put into a more readable format. I will be posting chapter 1 in the next few days. Enjoy!
The thing everyone has been waiting for! Set two of the New Lunar Republic patches are on their way. There are a few minor minor changes, The lettering is slightly larger as is the moon and star design but I'm hoping that it should be fine. I will be posting pictures soon and sales will begin in approximately one to two weeks time. Thanks again for everypony being so patient and supportive. And remember, Have a great day!
As you all know i recently put up the Solar Empire patches for sale, Thanks to everyone's support i will soon be able to offer the NLR patches again. however im going to modify the wording slightly this time so its slightly larger but easier to read. However so far it is a little worrisome that i have only gotten one order for the single SE patch. Now im not asking you guys to buy them im just interested to know which your pref is, the NLR or the SE patches.

Anywho... Ive recently been livestreaming here… , every once in a while i do what i call the "conspiracy" segment where in i go watch a episode and comment on what certain things in the show could mean. Recently however i noticed something very interesting after seeing a picture of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In christian mythology the four horsemen, Conquest, War, Famine, Death. bring about the end of days. Well as conspiracy's are something i enjoy i thought about it in terms of MLP. If you think about it we have seen three of the four already in the form of the major villains. Nightmare moon(Conquest), Discord(War), Chrysalis(Famine), ??? (Death), Just... just a little concerning, Not to mention tartarus in Greek mythos, the same mythos the show seems to be based on is the plane of the dead is actually canon. so... maybe the ponies go to tartarus to fight the equivalent of death. And dont even get me started on how the Sparkle line (Twilight sparkle and her family) could be the favored family of the Alicorns. I mean ok quick reason why, Twilight is the student of as far as we know one of the god level power beings on the plane, She helped free another she kicked a third back into stone. She has ridonculous power levels just on her own even with-ought the EOH on the level of starswirl the bearded (who may be a ancestor, See "Star"). Her brother is married to a alicorn who as we know is the only one in the show capable of casting that spell with the exception of twilight herself who can only cast a minor version of it. And heres my personal favorite reason why i think that the sparkle line is incredibly important, "The stars will aid in her escape" Stars, what do stars do? they sparkle. Anywho its all explained in the episodes. i got like 2 hours of me talking on 3 episodes on there. Anyway... i should be getting to bed i have work in the morning ^_^

And you said this show was for children...

I recently found a few more of the NLR patches. 12 to be exact, Unfortunately they are slightly damaged (Slight production issues. such as lettering being a little messed up but the moon and star and patch shape are all intact.) although its impossible to tell from 5 feet away. Anyway these are really great for uniforms for paintball or any sport like that. I will be selling them at 6$ per instead of the normal 7.50 and as always shipping is free if you are interested send me a pm on here and ill get back to you. I will be selling these in groups as well as singles but when they are gone thats it i wont have any more for a while.

Please remember these do need to be sown on but you could also add a little sticky velcro to the back for uniforms. Also these DO have slight issues with them so if you get yours please dont be mad if the letting is a little hard to read.

Thats all, Everypony have a great day!

Good Evening everypony. We have decided to begin a monthly contest and this month we will have cool prizes for the top 2 positions. First prize will receive one of each of our patches… /… OR one of the customized nerf holsters for the Maverick…, Second place will receive a patch of their choice. The Solar Empire patches are not yet completed but it will be shipped to you when completed if you do choose that option.

Now that we have all that out of the way onto the actual contest! We are looking for the best Non major fanfic out there! Make sure to link the fanfic in the comments under this post. dont post things like Fallout equestria because as much as everyone likes it we cant really accept it as a "Unknown". Now there is a little cheat in the contest this month, i have been looking for a older fanfic but i dont know the name it. As far as i can remember it involved celestia and a dream and there was a tree with ponies sleeping under it and if they where sleeping they where alive but if they where in the field they where dead. Yes it was a semi dark/sad fic but ive spent several hours looking for it because i couldn't remember what it was called. Its been bothering me so finding it and posting it WITH or without another fanfic will earn you major bonus points!

Again just a reminder the Solar empire patches are not ready yet but if they are picked as a prize they will be shipped to you when ready. Also since someone asked this contest is Free theres no hidden fees or anything like that all you have to do is link the fanfic (authors name would be great as well and no you did not have to write it) and near the beginning of next month we will pick a winner (most likely right around or on the 7th). Lastly please note there is a one entry per person rule.

Thanks everypony and goodluck!
Evening, im not sure how many people read this but anyway there are some upcoming projects that will be posted to DA soon. The patches are back up for anyone who wanted to get one as well and the updated link is in the description. So as for the patch part of this little... Blog... thing... i was looking around for some more groups to post it to but im afraid i dont know that many groups so if anyone can submit it to some groups that would be super cool! (I have no idea how this submission thing works.) or post the group you would like me to post it to in the comments section.